Thank you for your interest in The Brainard Group. We are the leading supplier of automation solutions to credit and debt counseling organizations with over 500 installations across the US and Canada and over two decades of service to organizations like yours.

The Brainard Group is about more than software. We have built our reputation and customer base by offering support services that are in a class by themselves. We offer toll free support 11 hours a day from patient, knowledgeable professionals. The vast majority of our phone calls are answered, and if you do have to leave a message our response times are very quick. No other vendor even comes close.

The best way to know if any software will work for you is to try it on your computers, in your office, with your staff, and your client and creditor data. That is what our trial program is all about. This is not a demo disk, rather the actual software, fully functional, with the features you need! There is no cost or obligation.

In addition to our trial program, we are also committed to being the low cost supplier. This does not mean what it used to with some of the extremely expensive options from newcomers to this market. While you can pay a whole lot more, you will not find a better product. We will not be undersold.